Friday, 29 April 2011

Tell me what you learn for whole this semester?

This few days I was so busy with my assignments and presentations, until now only I got my chance to stay in front of my computer.

To recall what I had learn from this class for this semester, the most impress is the chapter of creativity ideas and theory. To reach the audience the most easy way is creative advertisement, it is because audience will only be attract to something if it is creative and unique. after attracting the audience there must be message to deliver, the message must be understandable and persuasive to the audience. There are advertisement that have persuasive to motivate the audience to take immediate action for example the McDonalds advertisement that persuade the audience, go to the nearest McDonalds restaurant for a meal.

Secondly, is the chapter about media selected, it is also very important other than having a creative advertisement because if the media selected doesn't reach for your target audience, it is just a waste of moneys and time. The thing I had learned from here is about in magazine, newspapers and print ad; to reach different categories of audience we must choose different media for example, if the product is for young generation we can choose internet as our media because nowadays young people tend to stay in from of the computer whole day long.

Beside on books I also learn from class, how to create a blog. Pn. Nurin taught us step by step on creating blog in class and after that I created this blog with my partner. It was fun to learn and I wish i could have create my own blog later on if I was not so busy with my assignment and exam.

For our group assignment, i must say thank you to my group members that was creative and innovative. We had working together to completed our challenge. We help the four product to advertise, Shhmira, Encera BB cream, MaQ, Aqura shampoo and soap. It is fun to involved in the creative part to design the print ads and also giving ideas to our assignment.

At here i would like to thank to Pn. Nurin that had taught us so much and also thaks to my group members and my partner for so many hard works... ^-^

Choo Ying Mei(126644)

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