Friday, 18 March 2011

1st e-ad assignment.: Describe any product using everyday and may not get out without it.

The 1st e-ed assignment:Describe any product using everyday and may not get out without it.

The product that I’m using every day and may not get out without it is my laptop Compaq Presario V3000. This laptop is much important and meaningful for me cause of this laptop is given as a present when I was successes entered the local university at UUM on 2008 years. I’m so excited and treasured my laptop.
Everyday I’m using this laptop to study, review, doing assignment, online search information, face booking and other. I’m treating it as my second boy friend.
Bring to mind on semester 3, my laptop had hacker by virus. On that moment, I was very despondent. I had send my laptop to format but unfortunately it’s fail to do well. I’m so self-accusation cause of didn’t protect my laptop well. I also have a try to send my laptop to other computer service shop to do the “operation” again. Finally, my laptop was saved. I’m was happy and very thanks to them had success saved my laptop life.
As a conclusion, I’m very thanks to my family to present me this great Compaq laptop. This laptop accompany me whatever I are. I promise myself will try my best to protect it till my future life. This is because my Compaq laptop has contained a lot of wonderful memories with my family, friends, and so on.

by Kuang Pey Fen (126642)

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