Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The 1st assignment: the product that i will not getting out without it

Ping pong deluxe crackers

The product i choose is this Ping pong deluxe crackers from HupSeng. i really do like it very much. This is actually my breakfast almost every morning. In the morning i will grab 4 to 5 pieces of it as my breakfast before going to school, it had become my habits since 2003 that was my form 3 school life. I will usually eat it with Milo or coffee, may be some time add on some fruit jam is also nice. 
It has become my routine to repurchase this product every month. Once I went to a supermarket I will grab about 4 pack of this crackers. Even the cashier of the supermarket known me for buying Ping pong crackers as my routine.
Beside this product from Ping pong i also prefer others product from this brand, cookies and cream crackers. They are also my choice for my breakfast mate.

From ying mei

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